Nvidia says it has done better than Intel and AMD in releasing graphics drivers for Windows 10 and 11

In addition to hardware specifications, graphics must have well-built software to complete their performance. Drivers help enable various features in their associated hardware, reduce overhead, and more. There is a clear example in this context; Where Intel Arc series graphics drivers improve game performance on older APIs by up to 80%. In addition, the performance of new games such as NFS Unbound has been improved twice with these drivers. On the other hand, AMD graphics drivers significantly improve DirectX 11 and OpenGL performance.

Sean Peltier, the chief executive of Nvidia recently shared some very interesting statistics about the company’s new drivers. He showed how far his company is ahead of Intel and AMD in releasing drivers with WHQL certification. Neowin He writes, these numbers are for the years 2021 and 2022, and according to Nvidia, the amount of its WHQL driver releases last year was up to five times higher than AMD. Of course, according to published statistics, the release of these drivers by Nvidia this year was three times more than AMD.

Performance statistics of Nvidia in the release of graphics drivers compared to AMD and Intel

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Microsoft has provided WHQL or Widnows Hardware Quality Labs certification to ensure the compatibility of these packages with Windows. These types of drivers can be distributed through Windows updates.

Apart from the WHQL signature, Nvidia’s stats also include figures for the number of optimized games; Where the company claims to have managed to release twice as many game drivers as AMD Radeon. Meanwhile, Intel seems to have done very well this year, and it makes sense that the blue team will work hard to become a serious competitor to Nvidia and AMD in the graphics market.

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