Nvidia is on the verge of setting a record for Android updates

Nvidia is one of the few manufacturers of Android Box that supports its products in terms of software updates for a long time. The company has announced that it will not release an Android 10 update for the Shield TV series, but has since been testing the beta version of Nvidia Shield Experience 9 based on Android 11 for the device. A few days ago, Nvidia released images related to the Shield TV update to Android 11; Images that have now been removed from the company’s website.

According to AndroidPlus, when some users registered in the beta programs of Nvidia’s user interface, information about the Android 11 update for Shield TV was first published by them on the Reddit website. However, it turned out that these reports violated the confidentiality requirements of Nvidia’s beta program, and as a result, most of these users were removed from the program.

A few weeks later, a list of Google Play consoles was leaked that listed all of the Shield TV models as devices that support Android 11 and SDK 30. This strengthened the hypothesis of the release of Android 11 for the product. Perhaps the most important device in the list was the first series of Nvidia Shield Android called Nvidia Shield 2015, which apparently is supposed to receive Android 11 as well. This product was released with Android 5 by default in 2015, and then saw the release of Android 7, Android 8 and Android 9. This feature makes the first generation TV Box Shield one of the best Android devices of all time in terms of receiving updates, while the feature in question does not apply even to Google Pixel phones.

Last week, Nvidia Download Center released a summary of Android 11 images for the Shield TV series. The company has since removed the images from its website, and direct links to download this version no longer work. However, it has been reported that one user has installed the Android 11 update on his Nvidia Shield 2015. Updates include the Shield Experience 9 user interface and the September 2021 security patch.

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According to the published images, it seems that we will soon see the release of the Android TV 11 update for Nvidia Shield TV series products. Many improvements are expected in the new version, including support for native controllers, Google Voice Assist searchable applications, faster decryption of multimedia files, support for Instant Google Play, and more. Shield Experience 9 based on Android 11 will be available for Shield TV 2019, Shield TV 2017, Shield TV Pro, Shield TV 2015 and Shield TV 2015 Pro.

Just as the Android 11 update for the Nvidia Shield series of Android TVs is great news for owners of these products, it’s worth noting that Google also released Android 12 for the platform some time ago, but we still don’t know when the Shield TV series will be updated. Will receive.

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