Nvidia has introduced a new version of RTX 3080 graphics with 12 GB of memory

The 2GB increase in RTX 3080 graphics memory released in 2020 is great; Because he was criticized for that. Also, this amount of memory is equal to the RTX 3080 Ti graphics memory. The new RTX 3080 graphics with 3% increase compared to the old version of this graphics, now uses 8,960 CUDA cores. The increased memory means that the GPU has 20% more cumulative bandwidth than the 10GB model, thanks to a wider 384-bit memory bus.

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The thermal power of this graphic has increased by 30 watts to 350 watts compared to its 2020 version; But Nvidia still offers a 750-watt power supply. The new 12GB RTX 3080 graphics is a slight upgrade over its predecessor; But it will probably be just as difficult to buy. Interestingly, the new RTX 3080 was introduced just days after the RTX 3090 Ti graphics with faster memory, better performance, and the economy model RTX 3050.

Priced at $ 249, the RTX 3050 supports beam tracking and DLSS. Nvidia plans to release more specs about the RTX 3090 Ti later this month. The price of the 12 GB RTX 3080 model will be largely determined by the direct sellers of this product; So we are still waiting for more announcements so we can determine the exact price.

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