Nvidia and TSMC are likely to develop new technology for combining multiple GPUs

A few years ago, after years of close cooperation with TSMC, Nvidia decided to produce graphics chips used in its family of products. RTX 3000 will go to Samsung’s eight-nanometer lithography. Several reports stated that Nvidia is not satisfied with the cooperation with Samsung and apparently the green team has decided to cooperate with TSMC again for the production of RTX 4000 series graphics.

Informed sources told DigiTimes that Nvidia and TSMC are trying to strengthen their business cooperation. Apparently, the two companies are working on a new project related to Silicon Photonics (SiPh) technology, which theoretically allows very fast communication between multiple GPUs.

to report NotebookcheckThe new Nvidia and TSMC project is known as COUPE (Compact Universal Photonic Engine) and uses CMOS circuitry commonly found in digital cameras, sources told DigiTimes.

Nvidia and TSMC can combine SiPh chips with CMOS circuitry and integrate the two with CPO. Using this system, it is possible to connect several graphics chips with a 2.5D CoWoS package. The new system from Nvidia and TSMC is said to have low latency and drastically reduce the amount of signal loss between multiple graphics chips.

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The first graphics supporting TSMC’s SiPh technology probably won’t arrive for a few years. Intel is said to be working on a similar technology in collaboration with a Taiwanese company called LandMark Optoelectronics.

Probably, in addition to Nvidia, other companies such as AMD, Xilinx, Broadcom and Cisco will also benefit from TSMC’s SiPh technology.

It is predicted that the market value of SiPh modules will reach four billion dollars in 2024, which is a total of 10 times more than the value of this market in 2018.

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