Nvidia and the GTC 2022 conference; Possibility of unveiling Hopper graphic architecture

Nvidia confirmed in an official statement that it intends to hold its conference on March 21, 2022 (April 1, 1401). Hosted by GTC 2022 Janson Huang, CEO of the company, hold. According to Wccftech, Nvidia will announce new news about HPC and artificial intelligence after its keynote address at the GTC conference. The GTC exhibition will continue until March 24, 2022 (April 4, 1401).

Nvidia describes its plans for the GTC in its announcement. The company says the conference begins with in-depth learning institute workshops and continues with related training topics, multiple panels and several sessions. The GTC Conference in California is held in person and online.

Nvidia is likely to focus on hardware and software at GTC 2022 as in previous years. The highlight of the event was the introduction of the next generation of Nvidia HPC class GPUs called Hopper or GH100 will be. Hopper series GPUs will operate in supercomputers and data centers.

In the current version of its roadmap, Nvidia announces the release date of Hopper 2022, which means that it is at least two years away from the release date of Amper GPUs. Hopper GPUs are said to be based on the 5-nanometer TSMC lithography. Intel and AMD have already announced a number of official information about Hopper rival GPUs, but Nvidia has not taken such an approach.

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Rumor has it that Hopper will include two GPMs (GPUs), each of which will host eight GPCs (144 SM units). Hopper will have two types of these modules, which means we have a product that uses 288 SM units. Since we do not know the number of cores per SM unit, we can not determine the exact number of cores; But if Nvidia puts 64 cores per SM unit, it will achieve a total of 18,432 cores, which is 2.25 times more than the number of GA100 chip cores.

Nvidia may use FP64 and FP16 cores and more tensors to increase the processing power of Hopper processors. This is important for competing with Intel’s PonteVacio processor, as PonteVacio is said to have a 1: 1 ratio of FP64 cores. Hopper processors must also compete with the relatively new Instinct MI200 AMD processors.

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