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On the occasion of Nowruz 1402, the first companion has presented Eid packages for all its regular and credit subscribers, which will be valid from tomorrow, March 29, until the end of Eid al-Fitr in 1402.

These special Eid packages are designed in two groups: “Digital Life Services” for the use of digital businesses and “Package and Credit” including intranet credit and internet packages, which can only be activated through the “Hamrah Man” application.

All Mobile First subscribers can choose the “Eid 1402” option from the incentive plans section by logging into My Mobile application, which provides various offline services.

In this section, there are two separate wheels “Package and Credit” and “Digital Life Services”, one of which starts spinning when the subscriber chooses, and finally, one of the gifts is activated and displayed for the subscriber randomly.

“Digital Life Services” circular includes discount codes of various digital businesses such as Ekala, Digikala, Namava, Achareh, Jajiga.

The “Package and credit” package also includes various packages of “credit within the first mobile network from 10,000 to 100,000 tomans” as well as “one-hour, 2-hour and 2-day unlimited calls within the network” packages. Various internet packages such as “one gig, 2 gig and unlimited for 2 days” are also included in this section.

Therefore, in this plan, all the subscribers of Mobile First, while measuring their luck, will also benefit from the Nowruz gifts of Mobile First under the title “Idi First”.

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