Now you can use one WhatsApp account on multiple phones

WhatsApp will soon allow its users to access their account through multiple phones. The company started testing the feature in 2021 and currently it is possible to connect to a user account on up to four phones. When this new feature is available to you, when you install the app, you will see an option called link to existing account, after tapping on it, WhatsApp will ask you to scan the QR code through your main phone. This step will take you to the Linked Devices section of the Settings menu and then you need to tap on Link a Device.

to report AndroidWhatsApp also plans to use its web client to send a one-time code to the smartphone you plan to add your account to. According to WhatsApp, this new method will make it easier to connect the account to other devices.

With the new WhatsApp synchronization system, you don’t need to turn on the main device to receive messages and calls on your other phones. However, if your primary phone is inactive for more than 14 days, WhatsApp will automatically block access to that account on other phones. In addition, it is possible to log out of the account manually on any device. The messaging platform says: “Each phone connected to a user account is independently connected to WhatsApp, and this connection is encrypted to ensure the security of personal messages, multimedia files and calls.”

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