Now you can sign in to your Google account without a password

You can use your friends’ devices to temporarily access your Google account. The use a passkey from another device option provides a one-time login to your account, and in this scenario, the original passkey will not be transferred to the new device. Never store passwords on other people’s devices, notes Google; Because in this situation, anyone can access your account from the mentioned device.

Users can also revoke the passkeys through their Google account so that the security of the account remains in place if they are stored on other devices. Google says people who sign up for the Advanced Protection program will get a free security service that can protect them against attacks. Protect against phishing and malware.

Andrew Shikiar“We are excited about today’s news from Google,” said FIDO CEO. Because now users can use passkeys instead of passwords to log in to their accounts, and thus the industry will move towards eliminating traditional passwords. “I think this implementation will be seen as a great example for other service providers and could be a turning point for faster adoption of passkeys.”

Expanding support for passkeys will take some time, so Google will continue to support the previous methods of password and two-step authentication. This technology is also very useful for people whose device does not have a biometric sensor. Apparently, Google is planning a complete migration to passkeys and is encouraging users to use this new solution.

Support for passwords was added to the Google Chrome browser last year; But currently, the number of sites that support this method is very small. 1Password has prepared a page that lists websites that are compatible with passkeys.

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