Now you can delete posts from Instagram and Facebook

According to user reports, it is now possible to prevent the display of Threads posts in Instagram and Facebook applications. This is despite the fact that it was not possible to do such a thing until a few weeks ago.

According to the Verge report To prevent the display of Trades posts suggestions in other meta applications on the phone, click on the two lines in the upper right bar of this application; Then go to Privacy and Suggesting Posts on Other Apps section. You will see two options that allow you to turn off the suggestion of your posts on Instagram or Facebook.

Meta tends to roll out new Threads features slowly, so if you don’t see the new tabs yet, wait a while for them to activate for you.

In the past few months, Instagram and Facebook displayed the title “For you on Threads” in parts of their application, which actually gave suggestions from Threads to the users of these applications. In response to user criticism, Trades said in October that it would listen to feedback.

In the early days of Trades, this feature was intended to make Meta users more engaged with the new social network, but things are looking much better now. Mark ZuckerbergMeta’s CEO said in an interview last month that Trades now has nearly 100 million monthly users.

Trades users are still less than half a billion monthly users Elon Musk It recently claimed to have the social network X, but it’s a good sign for Trades that it’s only four months old.

Bigger changes may be coming soon. Alessandro PalozziThe well-known whistleblower says that Meta may also open the doors of its platform to European users. Trades is currently not available for Europeans.

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