Noting Phone 2 will be more “premium” than Noting Phone 1

Carl P, the founder and CEO of Nothing, says in a new interview that the second phone of this brand, i.e. Nothing Phone 2, unlike the first model, will also be available in the important American market. Nutting decided to focus the launch of his first phone on the European and Asian markets; However, America will be the “first priority” of this brand for the release of the second phone.

Earlier this month, the Notting brand launched a new trial program for US residents, through which Americans can get the Notting Phone One for an additional $299. After the launch of this program, the rumors about the official release of Notting Phone 2 in the American market became stronger.

The launch of Notting Von One in the American market will not happen officially. Phones launched in the US through the new program will not support AT&T’s 5G network. Also, Verizon carrier coverage will be very limited.

“When you make a smartphone for the United States, you have to work with carriers and get approvals to put some of that carrier’s functionality into the operating system,” says Carl P. “We didn’t have the resources to do this before, but now we do.”

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