Nothing Ear (2) headphones are introduced with the ability to connect to two devices at the same time and transparent design

Long time to introduce headphone The wireless Nothing Ear (2) is not left, and as always, Nutting is trying to increase the excitement of the unveiling of these headphones by advertising on social networks. Now the famous whistleblower, OnLeaks, has shared details of the product’s specifications along with its marketing images.

to report NotebookCheckNothing Ear (2) headphones will come with white silicone earcups and a transparent body with white and red dots. It should be mentioned that these points are intended to differentiate the headphones for the left and right ears. According to OnLeaks, the company is not using microphones to improve functionality Active noise cancellation (ANC) will be used in this product. Also, these headphones provide the possibility of customizing the noise cancellation based on the background noise level and the user’s preferences.

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