Nokia explains the reasons for the problems with the release of the Android 11 update

After years of experimenting with platforms like Windows 10 Mobile, Nokia has finally experienced a real comeback with its brand new series. Nokia 8, Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 all entered the market in early 2017 and experienced a taste of great success. At the time, Android Stoke was very popular, and not only did phones work well; They also promised excellent support for the update. One of the highlights of the Nokia HMD smartphone sales in the early days was that they were up to date in terms of software upgrades. The company was really quick to update the handsets in the beginning; But with the arrival of Android 11, everything changed.

According to Gizmocchina, with Android 11, things got worse quickly, and it seemed like such a painful issue for the company. The delay in publishing and the numerous bugs in the published updates all caused the users to be dissatisfied.

In an interview with the Android Authority, HMD CEO Asiften Taylor explained the issue and why such problems occur when updating Nokia smartphones. According to him, the main reason was that Nokia did not participate in the beta program of Android 11. Participating in this process will help smartphone makers to update their Android operating system sooner after the release of the stable version, and the company seems to have lost a lot of time. In addition, the company’s extensive production line acted more as a barrier.

When asked by the HMD manager, “Does he think the company has overstaffed; “Is that why the updates have been delayed?”

To be honest, I believe your opinion is fair. We have not had much success in releasing the Android 11 update and I think we have learned from it; But in my opinion, as we move forward, we have a more centralized level of devices. We are also currently in the beta program of Android 12.

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As Taylor points out, things seem to be getting better. For example, a stable version of Android 12 was released quickly for the Nokia X20. We hope this is a sign that Nokia is upgrading:

We learned from our performance in releasing Android 11 updates; But I think we will reach the top of the table again.

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