Nobitex application became one million in Bazaar Cafe

Nobitex, as the first Iranian Ramzarz trading platform, has more than three million users, and now more than one million and 600 thousand of them buy and sell through this Nobitex app in this exchange.

Very simple user interface, high security, two-factor identification, the possibility of limiting the withdrawal moments for a certain period, the possibility of entering with a fingerprint, profit and loss panel, etc. are the features that are in version 3.7 of the Nobitex Android app.

Users can also be notified of the price reached by notification by activating the price announcement and specifying the desired price for the cryptocurrencies. In this way, users are notified through a notification if the price drops or increases and can immediately decide to buy or sell the cryptocurrencies they want.

Nobitex users can stay up to date with the latest announcements of this digital currency exchange on the app dashboard page, and if they need help, they can find the answers to their questions at the bottom of the dashboard menu.

Also, in order for Nobitex users to activate the profit and loss page in their application, they must first activate the profit and loss panel on the Nobitex site. To do this, enter the dashboard, enter the portfolio from the My Bags option to activate the profit and loss panel request from this section.

You can download Nobitex mobile application through direct link on the site Digital currency exchange Nobitex as well as from Bazaar Cafe And Miket Download and install.

Also, the iOS version of Nobitex app has recently been included in “Apple App” and “iApps”. Like the Android version, this app complies with all security protocols, and users can buy and sell digital currencies on their mobile phones with the Nobitex application, with the assurance of high security.

Nobitex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange market in Iran with more than three million users, which started in 1996.

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