Nintendo Switch broke the record for the fastest sales in the market

The Nintendo Switch console has set a record for the fastest selling history. This product managed to exceed 100 million units and beat Sony PlayStation 4.

According to reports wccftech, Nintendo released its latest revenue results today. According to the statistics, although the company could not meet the demand of buyers due to shortages, but managed to sell 10.67 million switches during the holidays; As a result, the total global sales of the switch have now reached 103.45 million.

With the switch crossing the 100 million mark by December 31, 2021, the Nintendo platform became the company’s best-selling home console to date and the fastest-selling video game in history. Prior to this impressive success, Sony PlayStation 4 had the fastest sales and reached 100 million sales. The PlayStation 4 was released by Sony in November 2013.

Now that the Switch has broken the sales record of both the original PlayStation and Nintendo, the PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling device in the world; It has sold more than 116.9 million units worldwide.

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As reported late last year, Nintendo is also suffering from technology shortages, and its president, Shantaro Forukawa, has warned that Nintendo will not be able to meet popular demand in the coming months. In November last year, Nintendo cut its switch sales forecast by 1.5 million due to a chip shortage. The company said:

We reduced our forecast for the Nintendo Switch by 1.5 million units to 24 million units. Due to the negative effects of the semiconductor supply chain, sales forecast for the second half decreased.

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