Nightmare for Apple; The European Parliament mandates the use of a single USB-C charging port

In June, a report surfaced that USB-C would be mandatory for all iPhone models sold in Europe starting in 2024; Because the European Union has agreed on a common charging port for all smartphones. to report 9to5macThe main goal of this law is to reduce electrical waste; Because consumers throw away chargers or phone cables when they get a new device.

The European Union considers the solution to this issue to force different companies to use a single charging port. Previously, microUSB was a common port; But now the issue is different and USB-C is the first among Android phones. Legislators in the United States have also supported this approach, stating that having a single port will reduce consumer costs and e-waste.

Now, today, the law that makes the use of the common portal mandatory was approved with 602 votes in favor, 13 votes against, and 8 abstentions, with an overwhelming majority. The law is part of a broader EU effort to reduce e-waste and empower consumers to make more sustainable choices. Not only smartphones, but a wide range of other devices should follow suit.

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Regardless of manufacturer, all new cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones and headsets, handheld video game consoles and portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, portable navigation systems, headphones and laptops that charge via a wired cable and up to 100 watts, they must be equipped with a USB type C port.

This law will also apply to laptops from 2026; But Apple is definitely way ahead of the game here. While the latest models have MagSafe charging ports, they can also be charged via USB-C.

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