Next Nvidia driver update brings DLSDR capability and SRRTGI filter

In 2018, with the unveiling of Nvidia new graphics cards with tensor cores and artificial intelligence, the world of gaming and hardware is on a new path and Nvidia wants to continue to lead in this direction and with artificial intelligence, performance of Nvidia RTX graphics cards and visual user experience. To upgrade.

DLDSR (Deep Learing Dynamic Super Resolution) technology is only available for graphics cards equipped with Nvidia tensor cores (RTX 3000 and RTX 2000 series) and, like DSR, leads to increased frame rates and numerous graphical improvements; But DLDSR does this using deep learning and artificial intelligence, and is now available to users with the release of a new driver in the Nvidia control panel.

DLDSR option in Nvidia control panel

Nvidia describes DLDSR technology on its website as follows:

Render video games at higher resolution and higher detail, and then intelligently shrink them before the game reaches the resolution of your monitor; This “Downsampling” method helps to increase the image quality by improving the details, softening the edges and reducing flicker.

By adding networks of artificial intelligence to the video game rendering process, DLDSR requires fewer input pixels than DSR to enhance image quality, resulting in improvements beyond DSR; By comparing the images of the results, we find that the 2.25-fold upgrade of the DLDSR is comparable and close to the 4-fold DSR upgrade; But with the dramatic increase in performance that RTX GPUs can have thanks to the tensor cores in most DLDSR-enabled video games; Of course, in the past, DSR technology did not work properly, and it automatically rendered everything in monitor resolution.

Comparison of DSR and DLDSR technology

When video game developers could not make the game look to the liking of some gamers, the makers changed the game to suit their own tastes or those of other gamers by making Reshades, sometimes changing colors, details, and lighting to make them more realistic, and sometimes They made it more exaggerated and fancy; Of course, in both cases, gamers always welcomed these changes, and of course, the variety and scope of these changes was more than visual.

A 2.25x upgrade to DLDSR is comparable to a 4x DSR upgrade

In addition to DLDSR, Nvidia plans to have another surprise and work with makers such as Pascal Glacher, the popular maker of Reshades, and several other members of the Video Game Material Association to facilitate access to game changes.

For this purpose, Nvidia called a new Freestyle filter (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination) SSRTGI or “Reshade Reset Filter” introduced in software The GeForce Experience tool will also be available.

The SSRTGI filter can change the lighting and shadow status of video games, creating more contrast and shadow depth in objects and environments, resulting in a more realistic and complete experience. In addition to this filter, other features are used in this image, such as (Screen Space Ambient OcclusionSSAO, which creates a more intense shadow near three-dimensional objects that is more noticeable in dimly lit environments, and (Depth of Field) Dynamic DOF, which is similar to “bokeh photo filter”, blurs objects based on distance and leads to a cinematic and dramatic experience in video games.

Simple and basic image of Prey game

Combining DLDSR and SSRTGI capabilities

Nvidia claims that the combination of SSRTGI filtering and DLDSR capability can upgrade classic games like Prey (made in 2015) like a remaster.

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With the release of Nvidia’s next Game Ready driver on January 14, 2022, which will be released for PCs and laptops, DLDSR capability will be available in the Nvidia Valley Control Panel.

The SRRTGI filter will be added to GSYNC or GSYNC Ultimate or GSYNC Compatible monitors in the next GeForce Experience software update (which includes Game Ready driver updates).

Nvidia recently unveiled the desktop version of the RTX 3050, which is the smallest member of the Ampere architecture and naturally fails to perform well in higher-end gaming; But just as the green team revived the RTX 2060 6GB with the release of DLSS 2.0, the DLSDR capability can partially offset the weakness of the RTX 3050 hardware and prepare it for modern gaming to be better received in the market.

With the crisis of chip shortages and the distance of the purchase price from the announced price of Nvidia, the tendency to buy a graphics card has sharply decreased, and if the graphics card fails to perform satisfactorily, the sales process will fail miserably. Finally, with tricks like DLDSR, Nvidia can spark the market and turn the RTX 3050 into a popular graphics card among gamers.

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