New XMG laptop uses external liquid cooling

XMG claims that the Qasis cooler can reduce the CPU and GPU temperature of the company’s new laptop by up to 20 degrees Celsius.

According to Tomshardor, liquid cooling is commonly used in gaming PCs because laptops usually do not have enough space to take advantage of cooling systems. XMG has now introduced a new 15-inch gaming laptop called the XMG Neo 15, which uses an external cooler called Qasis. This cooler significantly reduces the temperature of the laptop while playing computer games.

Neo 15 seems simple at first glance. This laptop uses the Intel Core i7 12700H processor and the latest Nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics card. This product will be available in models equipped with RTX 3060 to RTX 3080 Ti. This product uses a 15-inch screen with a resolution of 1220 by 2560 pixels and supports a refresh rate of 240 Hz. The device also uses 64 GB of RAM and a maximum of two M.2 SSD drives.


In addition, the Neo 15 uses Qasis cooling. The dimensions of this system are 7.99 by 2.95 by 7.32 inches and it includes a radiator, pump, liquid tank and 120 mm fan.

According to XMG, connecting the Qasis to the Neo can reduce the CPU and GPU temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius, while still not exceeding 38 decibels. Of course, this cooler needs adjustments to function properly.

There are two nozzles on the front of the Qasis to which the hinge is connected. At the bottom of the laptop is a two-in-one reversible contour. In one direction, the coolant first reaches the CPU and in the other direction, it is first transferred to the GPU. XMG claims that the coolant will not see much difference in the performance of the coolant in any direction it moves.

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You must fill the tank to use the Qasis cooling system. 160 ml of coolant will be injected into the tank for the first time and 230 ml when filling the laptop for the first time, then you have to refill it when the coolant fills the laptop’s ring. There is a large window in front of Qasis that shows how much liquid is inside.

XMG recommends the EK-CyroFuel Clear cooler, but the company also states that you can use any other regular coolant. Of course, this cooling system should not be filled with tap water.

Qasis can be controlled via Bluetooth, and you can control the speed of the fan, pump and RGG light. The power required for this system is also provided by the laptop charger.

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