New WhatsApp feature: Hide chats

WhatsApp pays special attention to security and privacy, and the app is regularly updated with new security features and improved features. In the latest beta version of the popular messenger, we see an attractive feature that can be used to hide the desired conversations.

When chats are locked in WhatsApp, that folder can be accessed via Locked Chats at the top of the chat inbox, but you might want to hide the conversation you want. WhatsApp beta version for Android has provided some users with a new feature that allows them to completely hide locked chats and protect them with a secret code.

Wabetainfo writes, the option to hide chats has recently been added to the locked chats settings section. When both features are enabled, the locked chats folder will disappear from your inbox and you need to enter the secret code in the search bar of the chat tab to access it. If you only hide the locked chats folder, you need to type the device PIN in the search bar.

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