New trends depict the modern design of the 8th generation iPod Touch

The iPod is a product that forms an important part of Apple’s identity and history, and can be considered a success that transformed the people of Cupertino from bankruptcy to multibillion-dollar companies. However, we know that with the unveiling of the iPhone, the role of these audio devices, which were once the main driver of the digital music industry revolution, has diminished.

In fact, the only survivor of this family of products is Apple iPod Touch, whose latest hardware update dates back to 2019. However, there is evidence that Apple is building the latest generation of iPods with a modern design that might be considered a glorious farewell to the spiritual father of iPhones. Now, the Twitter design with the username MajinBuOfficial has shared some interesting concept images of the 4th generation iPod Touch that can make us more familiar with the possible design components of this product.

Render images show that the design of the next generation iPod is very similar to the iPad Air 4. The frame of the device is completely flat and the back surface also hosts a completely new single camera module. However, in fact, the biggest change is in the front view of the device; Where the margins have been significantly reduced compared to the previous generation, and we are somehow on the side of the iPhone SE that fans have been waiting for years. Nevertheless, we are still talking about the next generation iPod, and of course, because it does not support the SIM card, it can not be considered a full-fledged replacement for a smartphone.

As we said, the narrow and symmetrical border of the front of the device has made the device very modern, and it seems that the selfie camera is also hidden in the bad edge of the screen. Other details are not visible; But it can be imagined that in the lower frame of this device, there is still a lightning port and a 3.5 mm audio jack. In general, there is very little information about the 8th generation iPod, and it is even possible that Apple will never unveil it; But if the latest generation of iPods match these renderings, it can definitely encourage a lot of fans to buy.

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It is interesting to note that it has previously been rumored that Apple has planned the new iPod as an augmented reality headset accessory for sale during the 2022 Christmas holidays, and it looks like it could bring an insane audio experience to the headset and add a super-realistic controller to the world. .

Still, using a peripheral device for a virtual reality or augmented reality headset seems a bit far-fetched; Because Bloomberg had reported in the past that Johnny Ive, Apple’s former design director, has opposed the introduction of the modular device, and it is likely that these glasses will be augmented reality, which, given the design subtlety, will provide peripherals such as the iPhone for its processing power.

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