New Tesla car charging station destroyed in Canada

A supercharger station Tesla With 12 charging stations to be opened in British Columbia, Syria, Canada, it has recently been demolished. According to Pedal, the saboteurs destroyed one-third of the charging units before the station opened.

The construction of this charging station started in October last year and was supposed to open soon, but apparently the situation is different. Tesla Drive Canada says the person or persons responsible for this may not have done so out of hatred for Tesla, but rather to steal copper from thick charging cables and sell them.

Copper theft is not a new issue and thieves are well aware that a lot of copper has been used in these cables. Of course, the copper in the four destroyed sites is not much and will be cheap. Each pound of copper in the United States costs about $ 3.5, and if it is of poor quality and requires a lot of work to extract it, it will be cheaper.

Demolition of Tesla car supercharger station in Canada

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The story of this Tesla charging station is probably different because last week some graffiti was designed there and even the plastic covers of the station were removed. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Destroying Tesla products and charging stations is nothing new, and with the exception of copper thieves, some people who are not interested in Tesla show their hatred by doing so. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This station will probably not be opened until the damaged cables are replaced, although it is not expected that the opening will be delayed for long.

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