New renders show Apple’s next-generation Magic Mouse with Magsif charging port

A good mouse is a gateway to enjoy computer capabilities; Because just as smartphones rely on touch screens, computers use mice to communicate with the user. As you know, Apple introduced the world’s first commercial mouse and was a pioneer in the development of the mouse pointer; So you might be wondering what better company than Apple can transform and improve this sector?

Unfortunately, the tech giant has not changed its mouse for a long time, and only the magic mouse change introduced with a 24-inch’s game is related to the new color options. In fact, the Magic Mouse is still evolving and needs fundamental change, and Apple has not even come close to changing that.

One of the funniest problems with Magic Mouse today is how it charges. Apple has strangely made it impossible to use the mouse while charging; Because the Lightning port is installed in the lower part of the mouse and it can not be used by connecting it to the charging cable.

The important thing is that Apple is still in the shadow of Steve Jobs and Johnny Ive and their relentless demand for minimalism. This legacy manifests itself in another way in Magic Mouse. The mouse design certainly looks smooth and lovely; But the valley is actually an ergonomic nightmare. When your products cause users dissatisfaction, you know you have to change them. The magic of the Apple mouse must be transformed into a much easier form.

Twitter’s design, username MajinBuOfficial, now shares some interesting trends from the next generation of Magic Mouse, which, in fact, shows how Apple can easily fix the product’s biggest problem.

Render images look very similar to the current Magic Mouse; However, there are small but important changes. For example, the silicone contact surfaces are rectangular for better mouse movement, and the power button is placed horizontally at the location of the current Lightning port. Finally, the most important change goes back to where the device is charging. MajinBu says that Apple can use the Magsif connector on the end of the Magic Mouse to charge the device. This allows the Magic Mouse to be used while charging without changing the design.

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In general, it seems that the Magic Mouse is still far from ideal, even with these renders, and Apple can improve it even more in the next generation. Years ago, Apple’s Magic Mouse was notorious for having just one button, and sometimes PC users scoffed at it for not having a right-click. Fortunately, those days are over; But still the magic mouse has only two buttons. Of course, this does not mean that it is weak; Because Apple offers a pleasant experience by installing sensors at the level of the magic mouse and using gestures. However, the Magic Mouse is not suitable for all tasks and people.

For example, gamers usually need more physical buttons on the mouse, and even using a few physical buttons may be a good place to integrate the Touch ID sensor. The next generation Magic Mouse also needs ergonomic improvements; Because, as mentioned, the current model is very weak in this area and sometimes causes hand fatigue. A typographic sidebar for customizing gestures and creating feedback can be a possible brainstorm.

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