New renderings show the iPhone SE 3 on the body of the iPhone XR

With the start of the New Year, Apple, as usual, is preparing for events to unveil its latest products, and it is believed that the new iPhone SE will be one of the most likely introductions in the first quarter of 2022.

Evidence shows that the phone will be the only upgraded version of the current iPhone SE and will retain its components. However, there are some doubts about this; Because it was initially said that the new iPhone SE could be based on the design language of the iPhone XR. Renders attributed to the new iPhone SE have now been shared on the TenTechReview website by a revelation by David Kowalski, which actually depicts a smartphone that is a combination of the iPhone XR and iPhone 8.

Render attributed to iPhone SE 3

It is said that the phone will be a redesign of the current model and will still maintain a small and compact body; But due to the use of notch, the edges of the screen will be greatly reduced. Apparently, Facebook ID will also be replaced with Touch ID. In general, it is not unexpected that Apple will integrate the design of the iPhone product line.

Render attributed to iPhone SE 3

However, credible sources such as Mark German of Bloomberg and Minguchi Koo believe that the iPhone SE 2022 will not change much. It is believed that the third generation iPhone SE will be available in the coming months and will be available to buyers with 64 GB of storage memory and the same base price of the current model at $ 399.

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In any case, this phone is a popular option for customers who are looking for a more compact iPhone with a lower cost. Recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 13 Mini has not been as well received by Apple as expected due to buyers’ preference for larger handsets, and has experienced lower sales compared to other members of the family. This is apparently the last year that Apple has introduced a mini model with a 5.4-inch display; Therefore, the iPhone SE will have a very important position for Apple.

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