New Nvidia graphics processors for laptops and desktops were introduced

A step down is the RTX 4000 Ada Generation laptop GPU. The specs reveal that this processor is definitely based on NVIDIA’s AD104 GPU, making it similar to the RTX 4080 for laptops. This processor is about 21% weaker than the RTX 5000 Ada Laptop in terms of computing power and 25% in terms of memory, leaving us with a piece that has 7424 CUDA cores and 12GB of memory.

In the next columns, you will see the specifications of two weaker graphics processors, RTX 3500 Ada Laptop and RTX 3000 Ada Laptop, but in the last column, we can see the RTX 2000 Ada Laptop, which, according to the introduced specifications, works almost the same as the RTX 4060 processor for laptops, and in Compared to its bigger brother, the RTX 3000, it has a noticeable reduction in computing power.

Laptops based on these GPUs are slated to become available gradually over the coming months from Nvidia’s usual partners, and since these are OEM parts, Nvidia hasn’t provided any price guidance for the RTX Ada-generation laptops.

In the desktop sector, Nvidia has introduced a new graphics processor named RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation, which is suitable for the small form factor graphics card market. In the table below, you can see the specifications of this graphics processor compared to the RTX 6000, Nvidia’s powerful processor, and the previous generation processor, the RTX A2000.

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