New Intel project makes remote gaming possible on friendly PCs

Intel Graphics CEO Raja Kadouri, while talking about the company’s future plans to release separate graphics cards, especially the ARC series gaming processor, made a very interesting point that will undoubtedly appeal to gamers.

According to Kadouri, the Intel graphics team is currently working hard on next-generation technologies, one of which allows the user to play remotely on their friends’ personal computers.

Imagine the scenario where you could remotely give your friend access to your PC to go and play Cyberpunk 2077, for example… This is actually part of our experience here.

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Details about Intel’s recent project and how it works are not currently available; But it seems to be good news for people who for some reason do not have access to some of the game titles; But they have friends who are willing to give them control of their computers for a while to enjoy playing games.

Kadouri went on to say that it would take a long time for the project to materialize, as he was talking about a roadmap for Intel for the next five years.

It is not going to happen immediately next year; I just wanted to say that we are working on such projects.

Although Intel has dropped out of attendance at CES 2022 due to Crohn’s conditions due to take place from January 5 to 8, 2022 (December 15-18, 1400) in Las Vegas, it is expected to attend the event virtually. Provide a detailed description of the ARC Series Gaming GPU.

The first generation of ARC graphics cards, codenamed “Alchemist”, is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022, and Intel is likely to unveil it for the first time at CES.

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