New cycles depict the cyberpunk design of the Apple vehicle

It is no secret that Apple is building self-propelled vehicles, and there are even rumors that the tech giant may publicly open its first partnership with one of the major automakers later this year to outsource production.

Evidence suggests that Apple has explored two potential options for entering the automotive field. The first option seems to include a model with limited car capabilities like current cars; While the second scenario involves a car that can drive completely without human intervention.

The people of Cupertino are believed to have chosen the latter, and apparently Kevin Lynch, The new head of the Titan project, is trying to create a car with fully automated capabilities; So Apple’s car is probably a lot different than we think, and perhaps reminiscent of cyberpunk worlds in movies or video games. Now, the American magazine Motor Trend has published rendering images that can provide a good view of the possible design language of this car.

Concept attributed to Apple car

Apple’s car is depicted in these renderings in the so-called Padlaic design language. In fact, the Padlaic design means that the occupants’ seat and capsule compartment will be shaped and will have no steering wheel and pedals to control the car. This design can be strange and unfamiliar to many people; But it is interesting to know that many companies are making these types of cars. For example, Zux, a subsidiary of Amazon, is designing and building such cars.

The renderings provided by Trend Motor are a newer and more stylish version of an all-electric vehicle similar to the Zux or Kano, a startup active in the field of electric vehicles and cars. The publication predicts a future in which the app (possibly Apple’s car name) is part of the lives of millions around the world. Thanks to the popularity of its products, Apple has a user base of more than one billion; Therefore, Cupertino’s activity in this area is likely to expand faster than other competitors.

The company has important elements that will be very important for success in the automotive industry; These include access to capital, the ability to attract and retain top talent, design proven hardware and a rich ecosystem to leverage subscription capacity and consequently service revenue. Analysts believe that the opportunity to earn extra money from the automotive services sector could be greater than the auto business itself. It is said that the value of car internet services (IoC) can potentially even surpass the car business.

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However, instead of selling cars directly to customers, Apple will likely pursue a subscription-like program like Uber. In the future, metropolitan areas may ban private vehicles altogether and be replaced by shared vehicles, it says.

Motor Trend believes that Apple will have two car models that may be named ePod and ePod Solo. The ePod is a larger vehicle designed to carry multiple passengers or passengers with a lot of goods; But the ePod Solo will be smaller and single-seater.

In general, in recent years, this project has faced a change of direction and reduction of staff; But it seems that the development of Apple car systems is still trying to build independent vehicles, and various sources and news agencies are confident that the Apple car will be available in the coming years. However, we have to wait and see what the fate of this car will be in the end.

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