Neterbit will launch the fastest 4G modems on the market soon

By introducing Neterbit to the market, the Awang brand has once again updated its product portfolio and this year has extensive plans for the release of new models of 4G modems for professional users and gamers.

After the increase in sanctions, the country’s policy of producing part of the equipment needed by internet users domestically, and also imposing higher tariffs on modem imports, the market showed more demand for more diverse and cheaper products.

This policy made Iranian knowledge-based companies and producers eager to grow in these encouraging conditions and produce and supply products that can compete with foreign samples.

In this regard, Awang, which most Iranian users are familiar with by purchasing an ADATA external hard drive or flash, has announced its presence in the product manufacturing sector and is currently producing several products in the field of 4G LTE and ADSL/VDSL modems. has it.

Neterbit products with pendulum warranty

In fact, in addition to its presence in the warranty service sector and after several years of research and investment, Awang has now entered the field of network equipment production and has launched the Neterbit brand with several models in the market.

Also, a lot of investment has been made in creating this brand and the product manufacturing process, and as explained during the ceremony, Neterbit will add a wide range of other network products such as USB network adapters, routers, etc. to its family in the future.

Neterbit products, which have an undeniable similarity with D-Link products, are produced in Iran under the license of D-Link company, and the strict product testing process was also a mandatory condition for issuing the final product production permit.

At the same time, Neterbit products are similar in appearance and interior to the foreign sample, but they are cheaper than that, which can be a reason for choosing the Iranian sample. Also, Awang’s three-year warranty (replacement in the first year of warranty) is one of the other things that has led to more added value for Iranian Neterbit modems.

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