Nestup Max may soon run the Fuchsia operating system

Earlier this year, Google took a bold step to upgrade its first-generation Nest Hub smart displays from its Linux-based Cast operating system to the Fuchsia operating system. This is the operating system that Google has been developing for a long time.

Fuchisa was introduced with the goal of proving that Google could use Linux as the operating system of some devices without most users realizing it. It should be noted that launching this operating system was not without problems; But Google eventually took control of everything for Nasthab smartwatch owners.

According to 9to5Google, Google has just begun testing a version of the Fuchsia operating system called “Dogfood” in Nasthab. The term dog food basically means “you have to prove to the customer that your product is good”. In Google, internal testing of trial versions of the product is usually in the pre-public stage.

Before the final release of the operating system, Google will conduct two more tests on it, both of which include the Fuchsia test by smaller groups of employees. Testing trial versions also usually involves a larger review that some Google employees who are not involved in developing specific projects will do.

According to Fuchsia’s modified code, Google has begun testing a trial version of the operating system on Max Max, codenamed Sherlock. In an interview with 9to5Google, the people of Montenegro also confirmed that the experiment has really begun.

Apparently, in the latest major version of Fuchsia, a problem has been discovered in version 6 or f6, which seems to prevent Max devices equipped with this new operating system from reporting other possible problems.

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Importantly, the test version of the operating system mentioned on the Max Nasthab smart display has begun, which means that it is likely that the product will be updated to Fuchsia soon. Thus, Max Max will become the second device to use Fuchsia operating system. This is not surprising; Because the Fuchsia team worked on this device before Nastahab Max arrived.

At this stage, we do not yet know exactly how much time is left until the release of Fuchsia for Max Nasthab devices. If everything follows the original setup pattern, the Fuchsia operating system will first be available to people who are registered in the Google Home demo program.

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