Nemava and Satra’s collaboration; Filimo is still upset

On July 28, Saeed Moqiseh, head of the Universal Audio and Video Organization (Satra), said that currently, the licenses of none of the universal audio and video media have not been canceled or suspended, and if they comply with the law, we will support them.

On July 31, the deputy head of users and social regulation of Satra and Namava talked about the suspension of the license of Filmo and Namava, two popular home viewing platforms, on the “Farahzad” program of Radio Tehran. Attached has informed that the CEO of Namava has said about the two-way communication between this home show network and Satra. Also, he has considered the regulation of comprehensive visual and image media to be necessary and interaction with satra is Namava’s duty: “Anyone who wants to work in the ecosystem must follow the established rules and frameworks. “To avoid the law leads to the violation of the rights of everyone, even the platforms as market players, and deprives them of the possibility of legal pursuit of violations.” Namava is looking for interaction with Satra, and at the same time, it has asked all those who operate in this market to follow the rules. At the beginning of this conversation, he announced that the cancellation of Namava’s license is a rumor on social networks.

Now the situation has become more complicated for Filmo. In the same interview, Satra’s deputy head of users and social regulation has announced that today no license cancellation or suspension has been done regarding Filmo; But an opportunity has been given for this network to modify its existing procedure. Satra had previously announced that he has no compunctions in implementing the rules.

Nemava has reached an agreement with Satra while his main rival, Philimo, has criticized Satra in a letter. Mohammad Javad Shakuri Moghadam wrote in a part of a letter that was published yesterday: “Whatever we saw from Satra due to his personality and nature of broadcasting (especially in the recent era when Atmosfer, the vice president of broadcasting’s virtual space, manages Satra), was cowardly, unfair, and disruptive.” ” Filmo’s main point in this letter is about the issue that many critics have said: our regulator should not be a competitor and beneficiary: “The words of other VOD platforms were the same until a month ago, and we wrote several letters to the heads of various authorities in cooperation with each other. ; But today, maybe their decision is something else.”

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