NASA’s new astronaut suit was unveiled; Fashionable design with surprising black appearance

It is no coincidence that along with Axiom engineers, tailors and technology specialists, Esther Marquis, the costume designer of the television series “For All Humanity” has also participated in the design of the new astronaut costume. This series, which airs on Apple TV Plus, tells an alternative story about the first American lunar colonies.

The astronaut suit occupies a unique place in our mental space. Debra Benita Shaw, a professor of cultural theory at the University of East London, sees the space suit as “about a heroic adventure for a new land and new frontiers”. “Now, because of global warming and other threats to human life, the dress has taken on new meaning as a symbol of escapism, as well as the fragility of life on Earth,” Dr. Shaw told The New York Times.

For most people, the astronaut suit is the point of connection between man and the unknown and the only familiar element in the alien world of science and technology. We may not understand the language of the astronauts or even how they live in the microgravity environment; But we know that they all wear the same clothes. According to Dr. Shaw, sometimes technology feeds our imagination, but more often than not, imagination actually shapes our technology.

The first astronaut suits, which appeared on the January 6, 1958, cover of Life magazine, were silvery, shiny, and evocative of “beyond-terrestrial realms,” says de Monchaux. Those clothes were silver, but there was no technical reason for choosing that color. In fact, the company that made them found that astronaut suits would appeal to the public if they were a shiny silver color instead of the dull earth color used in pilot suits. The color reinforced common assumptions about what astronaut suits should look like.

Later, when the astronauts began spacewalks, the astronaut suits were restored to white color; Because it turned out that silver reflects the light of the sun and threatens to reduce the vision of astronauts. Now that the astronaut suit has arrived in black, at least for now, it’s one small step for humans and one giant leap for space fashion.

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