MSI introduced B760 series motherboards for gamers

Last year, Intel attracted the attention of many gamers with the release of the Z790 flagship chipset. This year, the introduction of B760 chipsets for gaming systems is expected to create more prosperity in this market.

Blue team produces its chipsets in three series Z, B and H. The Z series are usually the premium or flagship chipsets that offer the most I/O ports (such as Wi-Fi, SATA ports, M.2 ports, and Ethernet) and are the only ones that allow for CPU overclocking. This makes the motherboard manufacturers include a more powerful voltage regulation module in their systems and support faster memories. In addition, the Z series are the only chipsets that have the ability to split the 16 PCIe lanes of the processor into 2 8-lane slots for more advanced graphics settings.

B series are mid-range chipsets designed for casual users. In these chipsets, it is not possible to overclock the processor and they usually have fewer I/O ports than the Z series chipsets. H series are Intel’s economic chipsets, all of their specifications are weaker than the previous two series. Pay attention that if you plan to buy a processor, this product must match the chipset of the motherboard. For example, if you buy a flagship processor, the right chipset should be at least B-series.

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