MSI designed half of the Cyborg 15 laptop body transparently

Many laptops were announced at CES 2023; But we can safely say that none of them have a transparent design. Now, experience has proven that transparent gadgets attract the attention of more people, and many buy them only because of the attractiveness of this design. In addition, a company that produces a transparent product must be confident about its internal engineering and design to safely expose the hardware and design of that product; But this transparent design must be perfect to be attractive enough, and MSI’s mistake is to ignore this issue.

to report VergeAt the CES 2023 event, MSI unveiled the Cyborg 15 gaming laptop, with only the bottom part of the body and the edges of the door transparent; For this reason, it cannot perform the task of displaying the internal components as expected by the public. In fact, the lower part of the laptop has nothing to offer, and when you look at it from the front, you don’t notice the transparency of its back design at all.

From the front, Cyborg 15 is a regular black gaming laptop whose keyboard is illuminated with RGB backlight; Even last year’s Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 gaming laptop was more attractive than this product.

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