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Using a safe is one of the safest ways to keep valuable assets; Therefore, it is very important that buyers have information in the field Buy a safe Have quality and standard so that they can provide this device according to their needs. Also, in order to find a reliable product on the market, they need to research the safe shopping center beforehand. Mr. Seif is one of the most reputable shopping centers for security products and safes of high quality and reputable brands in Tehran.

Mr. Seif online store at provides various products in different sizes, designs, applications, prices and models from the best brands and manufacturing companies and makes them available to its customers. If you are one of the people who are applying to buy a safe, it is suggested that you continue to join us.

The Importance of a Home Safe

If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Actually, Buy a home safe It is one of the reasonable expenses for people who are looking for more security and preventing the theft of their important documents and financial capital; Because people are not always at home, they usually spend hours out of the day and sometimes travel for days or weeks. Although the installation of CCTV cameras can greatly prevent thieves from stealing, it is not enough; Therefore, it is better to ensure more security for their assets by buying a safe.

Mr. Safe store offers different models of home safes that have warranty and after-sales service and different sizes that have fewer floors compared to office safes. Also, some products are lighter in weight compared to other products, which is suitable for those people who are tenants or are not used to living in the same place.

The Importance of a Home Safe

Also, this device has different types and features that increase the motivation to buy; Including the refractory properties of some models of safes. If you follow the news and events, you will find that the fire is a sudden accident for the homeowner or his neighbors, and when this happens, the property owners can not ignore saving their lives and move their property away from the field of fire; Therefore, one of the most important reasons to buy a safe with this feature is to prevent heat from penetrating into the product; Because non-occupational materials have been used in the construction of such safes.

Also, waterproof and anti-moisture are other features of a standard safe that prevent mold and destructive effects that may occur in an unsafe environment on money, documents and documents. Therefore, the higher the resistance of this security product to impact, heat, water and humidity, the higher the price.

Different types of safes

Safes are divided into wall, stand and desk types based on size and installation location, which applicants choose according to the conditions of home or office ownership, the volume of assets and the desired location for installing the safe. Also, applicants for safe deposit boxes are faced with a variety of brands that may make it difficult for them to choose; But with a little research and comparison, comparing the quality and features of the product, comparing prices and reading what they prepare about the product of reputable stores such as Mr. Safe, they can more easily buy a safe.

Safes are divided into types of home, office, gun, bank, store, fingerprint and digital safes based on their use and characteristics, which must be purchased in the best material and brand. Among the famous brands of this security product that are designed and produced by different companies, we can mention the brands of Losell, Bamil, Eagle, etc. The products that these brands offer to the market have a high ability to withstand fire, flood, earthquake and theft; Because they are made according to the valid standards of the world. These products also have a warranty and after-sales service, which are provided by their agencies around the world, including Iran, and it is recommended that you never buy products that do not have such services.

Mr. Seif store is active in Iran as the official representative of Korean and Japanese brands and in addition to offering these brands, it also sells Iranian products such as Kaveh brand. To buy a safe in order to preserve valuable items, money, bank documents, family videos and photos, etc., rather than thinking about the purchase price of the safe, pay attention to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer.

Different types of safes

Bamil brand has approximately a decade of experience in Iran, which produces and markets its products as a single security grade in the Iranian market. Also, the products of this Korean company have a two-year warranty and a written warranty, which you can get after-sales service for up to ten years from Mr. Safe store after purchasing the safe. Safes are products that have many applicants, each of whom chooses one of the models offered in the market according to their needs and budget.

If people need guidance and advice to choose and buy a safe, they can benefit from the specialized and experienced collection of this store; Because the safe is not a product that you can or want to change every year. You need products that work for you for a long time. Kaveh brand is also an Iranian product that produces quality home safes in different models and different weights and volumes. The products of this brand are also offered at a more reasonable price compared to other stores in Mr. Seif Shopping Center; Because this center has the privilege of being the official representative of this brand.

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