MP: The protection plan must come to the floor

The plan to protect cyberspace has had a fate full of ups and downs. Since this plan was proposed, it has attracted a lot of opposition in the public opinion, and when it was approved in March of last year in the Special Security Commission without going through the legal procedure, it provoked the criticism of some representatives, and until the Deputy of the Laws of the Parliament opposed it, there were still news. It came that this plan is on the agenda.

Today the attachment Quoting the secretary of the Security Plan Commission, he wrote: “Some of the materials of the plan approved by the Joint Commission were related to the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and were approved by this Council. Now, the commission has put the articles it had approved at the disposal of the board, and the court should give an opinion about the time of implementation of the law. According to Mehrdad ViskarmiAlthough the plan will go to the Senate, the Senate will only decide how many years the trial will run.

Previously, in the middle of September of this year, the news of the announcement of a resolution in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace media, on the basis of which the “High Commission for Regulation of Cyberspace Regulation” will be formed, and experts considered it as the approval of the regulation system of cyberspace services, or the so-called cyberspace protection plan. . In fact, according to this resolution, a part of the regulatory plan, which was the final version of the protection plan, had been approved by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace. This plan announced the formation of a commission for regulation, and this commission was responsible for the policy of issuing licenses for any activity and business in the virtual space, including content and services, communication infrastructure and information technology.

This issue made the members of the parliament to react and they considered the plan finished in September and said that the parliament has gone down from the top of affairs. Noori Qazaljeh On 23 Shahrivar, he said that the protection plan had been approved; Because the members of the commission authorized by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, if they want to implement their opinion and plan, they can implement and communicate all the goals they want in the protection plan, and they will no longer need approval.

This is the issue that today and after the publication of the news of the approval of a plan in the Joint Commission, the spokesperson of the Cyber ​​Space Protection Commission in the Parliament the trust He said and announced that the protection plan was approved a long time ago and at the same time that the Supreme Council of Cyberspace changed it, and it has been working under the policies of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace. However, black man He has emphasized that “the said plan must come to the floor and get permission.” According to him, based on the plan given by the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, the protection plan of the Regulatory Commission will be legalized.

Months have passed since the Minister of Communications said that nothing has been approved about the security plan, and the implementation of the cyber space protection plan is no longer a heavy shadow on users’ heads and is something they deal with on a daily basis. Especially after the tightening of internet restrictions, expansion of filtering, slow speed and reduction of bandwidth, users have been unintentionally protected for a long time.

When the Minister of Communications spoke in the Parliament about the priority of the National Information Network and announced that all the Ministry’s resources are at the disposal of this project, he was actually emphasizing the implementation of Article A, Clause 8 of the plan, which obliges the Ministry to create the national network needed by the country. In all these months that have passed since the recent restrictions, in response to people’s dissatisfaction, the officials keep saying that the quality of the domestic internet is increasing.

The support plans of this ministry and the government in general for internal messengers and platforms and efforts to push businesses to this space were in line with another part of the cyberspace regulation plan, which was titled “supporting cyberspace service providers”.

Also, long before the recent restrictions and with the mandatory implementation of safe search functionality, the government sought to implement another clause of this plan that wanted to provide services tailored to the needs of users, especially children, teenagers and the disabled, and limited the access of all users for this reason.

Specifically, in the seventh chapter of this plan, regarding the access to filter breakers, the Ministry of Communications was required to continuously identify and remove them.

It is not clear what will be the fate of the plan approved by the joint commission in the parliament. But despite the approval of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and the experiences that users have had in the past months, the fate of this plan may no longer matter. This plan has been running for a long time.

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