MP: Filtering has nothing to do with the sustainability front

Morteza Agha Tehrani, in a conversation with Moniban website about the removal of filtering and increasing the internet speed from the management of virtual space, said: “The story of the filter and filtering is due to the current situation in the country, but in general, there should be a better management for virtual space. commented.”

According to him, the better management of virtual space means that accounting regulations should be considered for this space and planning should be done in this area: “Accordingly, the parliament has entered into the discussion of virtual space management, but it remains incomplete. If the work of the parliament regarding the virtual space ends, the management of the platforms will be in the hands of the government, not outsiders who can do whatever they want.”

Agha Tehrani also responded to the fact that it is said that the issue of filtering started from the current stability movement in the parliament and they opposed this issue in front of the spectrum appointed to Qalibaf, he clarified: “There was no such thing at all and the issue of filtering has nothing to do with the stability front. The view of the sustainability front is to plan for the internal management of virtual space.

Agha Tehrani is one of the supporters of the plan to support users in cyber space or the protection plan, and he also defended the plan to organize messengers.

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