Mozilla criticizes data privacy tools on Google Play

In Mozilla’s analysis, major social media programs also performed poorly in terms of privacy, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. This is while Google Chrome, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail and Spotify had much better performance.

For example, in the description of the Tik Tok page in the Play Store, it is mentioned that the data of the users of this program will not be shared with other companies, but the privacy policy of this platform says that it shares technical information with other companies and uses them. A comparison of Twitter’s Play Store page and the privacy policy section of this social network also shows similar inconsistencies.

written by TechSpotThe Data Safety Information section on Google Play is intended to provide app privacy details to inform users what kind of data each app or game collects or shares. This section specifies whether an app collects contact information, location, email address, browsing history, search history, financial information, etc. Apple launched the App Store privacy labeling program in 2020, but Google joined the process in 2022.

The results of Washington Post investigations in 2021 showed that the data collected in many Apple App Store applications is more than what their developers have announced. Mozilla also compared the results of its study on Google Play’s privacy labels with the Washington Post’s report.

One of the biggest problems is that Apple and Google rely on developers to provide privacy disclosures. The App Store now checks the description, but Mozilla found that the Google Play Store does not.

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