Moving away from the logo, Google is making RISC-V the “level one” Android architecture

Google mentioned some of its new plans at the summit focused on RISC-V. Google’s roadmap shows that the company has developed a calculated plan for RISC-V, while Android still does not support the x86 architecture in a widespread and regular way.

After the final version of Android is developed for the RISC-V architecture, smartphone manufacturers and app developers enter the equation. The interesting thing about Android RunTime is that once RISC-V support is added, a large part of the Android application ecosystem will also be compatible with this architecture. Android applications are developed with Java code and the Android Runtime tool compiles them for the ARM architecture. With the Android Runtime update, developers can easily build apps for the RISC-V architecture.

The CEO of the non-profit organization RISC-V International, the owner of RISC-V, said at a recent summit that the move towards the mainstreaming of this architecture is “inevitable” because RISC-V is based on an open source model and can increase the diversity of chips. He believes that ARM has become “unsustainable” today and that any suitable replacement could achieve significant success.

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Logo architecture is now used in almost all modern products, from smartphones and home appliances to electric cars. The developer company of this architecture was supposed to become a subsidiary of Nvidia, but in the end, the regulatory bodies did not issue such permission, because they were worried that Nvidia would take the pulse of the market with monopolistic behavior. Softbank, the owner of Arm, plans to sell the company.

The RISC-V architecture project was started by a group of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and because it is open source, it will probably never face US export restrictions. In recent months, the United States has imposed sanctions on China’s chip industry, and this has also affected ARM’s architecture. The RISC-V Foundation moved its headquarters from America to Switzerland in 2019 and changed its name to RISC-V International.

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