Morgan Freeman’s deepfake video; Welcome to the age of artificial reality

The pace of technological progress is nothing short of astounding. Many of the technology-driven systems we have access to today were unimaginable to many two decades ago, and we will definitely have access to more advanced technologies in the coming decades.

Advancement in technology is a positive phenomenon and helps to develop systems to simplify everyday life. However, today’s technologies can also be a way to fake identity. Impersonation of famous people is their nightmare, because the virality of a deepfake video has many consequences.

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Video from Morgan Freeman, the famous Hollywood actor, has been seen millions of times on Twitter. The video, which opens with the words, “I’m not Morgan Freeman,” is a lot more realistic than you might think. The advancement of modeling and deepfake technologies has made such videos to be produced today.

This is not the first time that deepfake and technologies related to 3D model design make news. Deepfake videos a few years ago Tom CruiseThe Hollywood actor caused a lot of controversy on Tik Tok social network. Also, this August, a similar video of the former president of the United States hit Twitter.

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Morgan Freeman’s video raises an interesting question: “Does seeing, hearing, tasting, or smelling something make it real, or are these merely indications of the ability to feel? I’d like to welcome you right now to the age of artificial reality.”

If you watch the video carefully, you can probably tell it’s a fake, but don’t doubt that if you go back and watch this video again in a few years, it will be more than obvious that it’s fake. We are moving towards a future that makes it very difficult to distinguish the real world from the unreal world.

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