More cleanliness and less water consumption with Karcher home floor cleaner

Today, most homes have hard floors, such as stone and ceramic, parquet or laminate, and maintaining their health is worth investing in and buying an efficient home cleaning device. Many of us, when it comes to cleaning floors, Buy a Karcher vacuum cleaner It is the first cleaning device that comes to mind; But in many cases, this device alone does not meet the needs of home cleaning.

Some suggest the use of water and detergents to increase the quality of washing the floors, which often lead to a lot of water consumption and its waste. Now the question is, what device can be used for cleaning and washing the floors, apart from the household vacuum cleaner and the usual cleaning methods?

A device for cleaning all floors

Today, with the advancement of cleaning equipment and the expansion of cleaning technologies, various equipments are designed to implement the domestic or commercial cleaning process, and their use not only increases the speed and quality of cleaning; Rather, they have a great effect in reducing the consumption of water and detergents. Among the efficient home cleaning equipment, we can mention the home floor washing machine for indoor floors and the home car washing machine for cleaning open areas and stone and concrete floors.

Using different cleaning equipment for each type of surface and flooring can be annoying and cost the user a lot. The high cleaning power of the home floor washing machine in washing all types of floor coverings is one of the advantages of this machine over other mechanized cleaning equipment.

Suppose the interior flooring of the house is wooden parquet and stone or ceramic stairs. Using a home scrubber or floor cleaner allows you to easily clean wood, stone, ceramic or other hard coatings at the same time. The use of this cleaning device has other advantages that help to increase the quality of cleaning and the ease of its implementation.

Light and portable

One of the first things that catches your eye when you pull out a rechargeable or electric home scrubber is how light it is! Its light and yet durable and strong plastic structure will guarantee the ease of use and durability of the device for you. The combination of this low weight with the wireless function of the rechargeable household floor cleaner makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable for you.

ease of use

Easy setup involves simply filling the water tank, adding cleaning solution, and turning on the device. Then wash the floor with the machine that has rollers equipped with microfiber fibers. This device is equipped with an LED indicator that displays the remaining charge of the device. From here on, the cleaning will speed up.

The narrow structure of the body and the ergonomic handle of the device make it very easy to drive. The rotation of two high-powered roller brushes improves quality cleaning and maintains control of the device, and you will not need to wash or move back and forth to clean the surface. The force applied with rotating roller brushes provides the necessary power to remove dirt and grime from the floor.

Washing area and equipment with minimal water consumption

Although using the device Karcher home floor cleaner It can provide complete cleaning, cleaning the area, walls and some equipment in the home environment cannot be done with it. Here, the use of a versatile tool for the complete washing of the area and its various equipment, i.e. the home car washing machine, comes into play. This device is able to remove all types of pollution from different surfaces with high power of cleaning and washing different surfaces with water pressure.

It may seem that washing the area with a car washing machine consumes a lot of water and the water loss will be more; But in reality, due to the increase in water pressure, the water coming out of the machine for washing does not have a large volume, and it is the water pressure that guarantees cleaning. Also, in the structure of the device, an inlet water filter is used to prevent the consumption of purified water by using unfiltered water in the washing process.

Ibrahim's home products

Which device to choose for cleaning?

Considering that we have introduced various equipment and devices for cleaning and washing the home area, the question arises, which device should we use? The first thing that most of us pay attention to when buying this equipment is the price of the device; But we should know that there are more important things and tips than the price and cost of buying mechanized cleaning devices.

Selection of mechanized cleaning equipment

The type of cleaning operation is one of the main determinants of choosing mechanized cleaning equipment. You definitely do not use a vacuum cleaner to wash the parquet. Here, home cleaning tools such as home car washes or floor cleaners are more suitable tools. Using a home floor washer allows you to quickly wash and dry all types of indoor floors at the same time.

Meanwhile, by using a home car washing machine, you are able to wash the area, doors, walls, and windows. Also, you can use this machine to wash gardening equipment or even cars. However, a household vacuum cleaner is definitely very useful in cleaning some pollution.

The diversity of the design and construction of this device has enabled the suction of all types of pollution in different models of household vacuum cleaners, such as simultaneous suction of water and soil pollution, hot ash, soil and leaf suction. Even some models of vacuum cleaners have the ability to blow! These are the different features and capabilities of mechanized household cleaning devices that make them efficient for use in various cleaning processes.

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What are the benefits of home cleaning equipment?

One of the main and most important reasons for using mechanized household cleaning equipment and devices is to increase the speed and quality of the cleaning process. However, the use of this equipment has other advantages. For example, using a home floor washer can wash and dry the surface at the same time and completely suck water from the floor surface. The high washing power of the industrial car wash has a significant effect in reducing the consumption of water and detergents, and various vacuum cleaners provide you with the cleaning of all types of pollution in the shortest possible time.

Where to get household cleaning equipment?

Ibrahim’s home cleaning equipment store is a provider of home cleaning devices from parts of Ibrahim’s large collection. This collection, with the support of thirty years of activity in the direction of providing mechanized cleaning services and equipment, is a consultant and guide for choosing different home cleaning devices.

If you are looking for a device that can clean all types of hard floors such as tile, wood, ceramic, laminate, stone and more, Karcher products They suit your needs. You can buy household rechargeable floor cleaner, car wash or other such cleaning tools online from Ibrahim’s home cleaning equipment store.

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