Mobinent move from communications to cloud services

According to Mobinet Public Relations, the company is currently operating as an operator in both the mass field and the organizational field of the country’s fixed communication systems. In a meeting held after the opening of the Telecom exhibition at the permanent location of the Tehran International Exhibition, Mobinat announced a 2.5-fold increase in network capacity and a 3-fold increase in home consumption.

Hossein Tehrani, CEO of Mobinnet, gave statistics on the situation of Mobinnet during the Corona epidemic and said: “Twenty thousand houses are connected to the Mobinnet network.” According to him, the company has increased its capacity by 2.5 times since 1998 and during the Corona era in the three main layers of its network, and its daily traffic and home consumption have increased more than three times. Tehrani further introduced the organizational services of this company. According to what he announced at the meeting, Mobinnet has the largest market share in the organizational services sector, after Iran Telecommunication, and specially provides design, sales and after-sales services separately from home services.

1500 companies use Mobinont organizational services

Tehrani, CEO of Mobinont

“In the organizational field, one of the most important strategies that Mobinet pursues based on its wide market share is to move from the layer of connections to the layer of software,” said Mobinet CEO’s organizational services. He announced that one of the world’s leading trends in the organizational sector is cloud transfers:

We’ve helped organizations facilitate their transition to cloud services, especially centralized services that can be delivered to large organizations. In this regard, since last year, we have started launching services on the connection layer for organizations, and more than 1,500 organizations with geographical spread across the country are cooperating with Mobinet.

Tehrani introduced some of the company’s organizational services and explained: “Large organizations in the country always need to develop their processing and storage infrastructure by upgrading technology tools. “The first service to be launched in Mobinet’s organizational department to meet this need was Mebcloud.” According to him, this is where the launch of Mobinet cloud services started. Referring to an example, he said:

For example, the Contact Center cloud service was launched so that organizations can easily use the VOIP layer to the support operator without the need to set up the infrastructure of this tool in their organization. Cloud Video Surveillance Service (VSaaS) is another Mobinnet enterprise service. This service helps organizations with a large geographical area to simultaneously and with proper loading, monitor and manage all their cameras nationwide on the cloud platform and storage space of us or our organization.

According to him, in 1400, their corporate connections product was able to capture a 65% growth in market share and become the flagship of the company’s corporate services. Their other products such as Digital Signage, VOIP and other services have all been launched in line with the strategy of transfer from the connection layer to the software layer, and with the continuation of this path in the coming years, Mobinat will become an intelligent operator of organizations.

See your future strategy

Mehdi Ghinaghi, Chairman of the Board, spoke about the future plans of the company. According to him, Mobinet will achieve great skinning and growth by launching this strategy.

Ghinaghi pointed to the program’s focus on IoT and said:

IoT technology is one of the topics that Mobinnet specializes in, and work on this area has been underway for the past year. The contract of the first intelligent IoT operator in the country was officially signed in the past few days with Tehran Municipality and Tehran Fire Department and Mobinet was introduced as the first intelligent fire operator in Tehran.

Digital transformation is another issue in Mobinet’s 5-year vision, which, according to the company’s chairman, has started its processes and its models are being designed, which will be unveiled in the coming months for organizational use.

Explaining the status of the company’s 5G technology, Mehdi Ghinaghi continued: “5G technology is also on Mobinont’s future agenda. A number of sites have been launched; “But due to economic issues, the process is progressing slowly, and we are trying to develop the process of launching this technology in the country next year and provide this service to Mobinnet users more quickly.”

The chairman of Mobinet Communications Company said about the future of the company’s organizational services: “In the discussion of organizational services, Mobinant is the provider of organizational services of Hamrah Aval Company and Mobinant will be the executor of two products of enterprise services and IoT Hamrah Aval and the transfer process of these two services. It is being done to you. Our friends in the organizational unit, along with their products, also offer the first mobile products. “It can be said that this cooperation is unprecedented in the first mobile group and even in the country, and it is predicted that it will grow significantly next year.”

Mobinnet with various products in Telecom

Also, Nasser Moradi, General Manager of Mobinet Organizational Sales, said at the meeting about Mobinant’s presence in this year’s exhibition: “To visit our products at the Mobinant booth located in Halls 8 and 9 of the International Exhibition and to closely examine the demo version of these services.”

Moradi continued: “We were trying to address the concerns of organizations in terms of technology, for example in the cloud surveillance service, one of the concerns of organizations was the secure transfer of information recorded by cameras from remote locations, which we were able to integrate with several services. “Eliminate and greatly reduce the cost to organizations.”

“We are trying to contribute to the intelligence of organizations, and we put the WAN AS SERVICE network and the move to IT AS SERVICE as a worldwide trend on our agenda,” said Mobinet, CEO of Corporate Sales. “We gave and we hope to be able to provide the full package to the organizations and be with the organizations’ ICT.”

The Telecom 2021 exhibition will open on Thursday, December 23, 1400 and will continue until Sunday, January 26, at the permanent location of the Tehran International Exhibition in Halls 7, 8 and 9.

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