mobile life cycle; How many years do Android phones last?

Sooner or later, every mobile phone needs to be replaced, but sometimes with a series of simple tricks you can take care of the device in a better way so that it needs to be replaced later than usual.

One of the things that affects the time to replace the phone is the battery life. By taking proper care of the battery, you can extend the life cycle. Preparing the screen protector and frame is one of the actions that you must do.

Put the phone on the charger at night, but…

An old myth claims that overnight charging of a smartphone seriously damages its battery. However, such a claim is not true about today’s phones that use lithium-ion batteries. Modern devices are smart enough to detect when the phone is fully charged.

The main issue is charging the battery to 100%. Studies have proven that fully charging the battery over time damages its health. When you charge the phone at night, the charging process stops as soon as it reaches 100%. However, the phone is still on and various components such as the processor and RAM continue to use the power source. As soon as the charge reaches below 100%, the charging process starts again. This has a negative effect on the health of the battery in the long run.

In this regard, we recommend not to connect your phone to the charger at night. Another solution is to buy special cables that stop charging after the battery reaches 100%.

If you want your phone’s battery to work for a longer period of time, you must always have the charge percentage between 20 and 80 megabytes. When the charge exceeds 80%, more pressure is applied to the battery. Some experts recommend that the battery charge is always between 40 and 70 percent. Of course, this is not possible for many of us.

Buy a strong screen protector and case

Never use a smartphone without a screen protector. Screens are easily scratched and crack after impact. When buying a screen protector, don’t go for cheap ones because they don’t have much resistance. Buying an expensive protector is a very logical step, because it greatly reduces the possibility of replacing the screen due to impact.

Physical damage to the body of the phone not only reduces the beauty of the appearance, but may also have a negative effect on the experience of using the device. For this reason, buying a strong case is one of the first things you should do after getting a phone.

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