Mobile imports over $ 600 will be eliminated

In response to an ILNA reporter, the director general of the country’s customs said about the details of not importing mobile phones more expensive than $ 600:

It is a trade policy that, due to the country’s currency balance, imports of luxury cars and mobile phones over $ 600 are not expected next year, which will ultimately affect the tariffs and entrance fees levied.

Alireza Moghaddasi, in his meeting today (January 19) with economic activists in the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, said that the third source of income for the country is to provide funding through customs. According to him, next year the import of cars and mobile phones will be eliminated more than $ 600. According to him, we have about 6,000 tariffs, about 4,000 of which require a license, and 50% of which require more than one license.

Last year, Snafd voted in a budget bill to 2.5-fold increase in mobile phone tariffs above $ 600. With this decision, the tariff for mobile phones above $ 600 was increased from 5% to 12%. With this decree, the commercial profit of mobile commercial imports above $ 600 was increased from one to eight percent, and the import tariff was increased from five to 12 percent, including four percent of customs duties and taxes. The Association of Mobile Phone Importers announced at the same time that a parliamentary resolution to increase tariffs on mobile phone imports would make the product more expensive.

The secretary of the Association of Mobile Importers had recently announced that the share of phones over $ 600 from imports of the previous year (from December 1999 to December 1400) is only five percent; But this should not be a strong reason for banning the official import of these phones. Under these circumstances, however, the import of passenger phones over $ 600, which are flagship phones, is still free, and there is no ban on the registration of these phones, which has led to the loss of after-sales service for buyers.

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