Mobile Importers Association: Buying iPhone 14 will have legal and financial consequences

About two months have passed since the import of the first iPhone 14 phones to Iran, these phones are still inactive, and because their registry status is still unknown, the Mobile, Tablet and Accessories Importers Association constantly warns buyers and sellers not to buy and sell phones. Refrain from iPhone 14.

Although none of the latest Apple phones have been registered in Iran, a large number of these phones have been imported into the country. Mohammadreza Alian, the spokesperson of the Mobile Importers Association, told ISNA about the statistics of iPhone 14 arrivals in Iran:

So far, not a single iPhone 14 has been registered in Iran. According to the information provided by trade unions, it is estimated that there are about 25 thousand iPhone 14 in the country.

Despite the fact that the activation status of the new iPhone phones is still in uncertainty and aura of uncertainty, but with the figure announced by Aalian, it seems that there is a demand for iPhone 14 and people ignore the warning not to buy this phone and continue to buy it. they give. However, the spokesperson of the Mobile Importers Association, once again referring to the financial consequences of this purchase for buyers, has repeated the advice not to buy the iPhone 14 and announced:

Sellers and people should know to avoid buying and selling goods that they are not sure of being registered and that do not have a registry code. Considering that the price of iPhone 14 is around 50 to 60 million Tomans, the purchase of this mobile will have financial consequences for buyers and sellers beyond the legal consequences.

Previously, the peer system had commented on the state of the new iPhone phones in the country and announced that all iPhone 14 phones are contraband and trade unions should refrain from buying and selling them. Of course, two days later, the customs announced that the phones imported by passengers are not contraband, but since it is not possible to pay the salary and customs duties for the passenger, it is not possible to activate them either.

The spokesperson of the Association of Importers of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Accessories has also explained about the legality or illegality of these phones, that any goods imported through the passenger procedure can be registered if it is declared in the customs, but if it is not declared, it is illegal. and it is not registered. But at the moment, the issue is that whether or not the iPhone 14 will be registered at all has not been determined.

This failure to determine the duty has continued while the iPhone 14 phones imported into the country as passengers have been valued at the customs, but it is not possible to pay for it and as a result, it is not possible to use them. Although until now, the reason for the decision not to activate these phones was not announced, and the customs did not provide an answer to our follow-ups in this regard.

It seems that if it is possible to import iPhone 14, it will have a lot of currency for at least a few months, and that is why this decision has been made.

The non-registration of iPhone 14 and the existence of several thousand inactive phones in the country have confused importers, sellers and buyers, and it is still unclear how long this uncertainty will continue. Although Mohammad Reza Alian, in an interview with Zomit last week, estimated the possible time to solve the iPhone 14 activation problem from next month, but he considered this time to be just a prediction and said:

This issue has not been raised and it is only expected that a decision will be made in December about whether or not iPhone 14 will be registered and the situation will continue as it is.

In this situation, in addition to continuing speculations about the timing of the activation of new Apple brand phones, speculations about the reason for the impossibility of activating the iPhone 14 also continue. Because on the one hand, some people consider the problem of providing and allocating foreign exchange for the import of this product from a commercial and corporate practice as the main reason, and on the other hand, the Importers’ Association states that the main reason is the currency exchange of this product. No institution or official is willing to answer about the main cause of this uncertainty, and therefore, the market of buying and selling the new member of the iPhone family in Iran is plunged into an aura of uncertainty.

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