Mitsubishi’s new technology monitors driver health

The purpose of assistive devices is to make the job easier for the user. The same is true in the world of cars, and new technologies are trying to improve the driving experience for drivers. For example, it is now easier to control the car and the driver gets less tired than before. But Mitsubishi’s latest EMIRAI xS Drive concept car takes a new policy, prioritizing driver health and occupant safety with advanced biometric sensors and IR cameras.

According to reviewgeek, the new technology can control several health and safety factors, including drowsiness, driver attention, heart rate and respiratory quality (which may indicate stress or illness). When the driver does not seem to be in a good position to continue, the car is automatically parked in a safe place and called for help.

Interestingly, Mitsubishi’s new driving system can detect and monitor passengers using radio waves, even if they are hidden in the floor of the car. The car monitoring system also tracks the driver’s eye and can adjust the headlights so that everything in the driver’s view has enough light.

Health monitoring system

Currently, Mitsubishi is not the first company to add biometric sensors to the car. Tesla uses similar devices to detect drowsiness or driver inattention to the road. But automakers like Tesla are only developing their own car system. On the other hand, Mitsubishi hopes to develop its safety and health system so that it can be used in any vehicle, whether self-driving or non-self-driving.

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According to the Autoblog website, Mitsubishi’s new technology can monitor the health of sick or elderly drivers in rural areas where public transportation is less common. The system can also notify the driver that it is time to rest. In the future, this technology could be applied to heavy machinery, boats or any other vehicle.

We do not know when Mitsubishi will launch its driver health monitoring technology, which can be offered in its electric vehicles or other companies. The automaker says it will showcase the new EMIRAI xS Drive concept car with health monitoring features at CES 2022 from January 5 to 8 (January 16-19).

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