MIT scientists have designed a flying saucer that can hang around the moon without the need for fuel

MIT researchers have designed a flying saucer that can be suspended around the moon without the need for fuel. The energy required for the UFO is provided by an electric field from exposure to sunlight and the surrounding plasma. In the absence of the atmosphere, sunlight creates an electric charge on the surface of the moon that can hold dust on the surface of the moon at a height of more than one meter. Interestingly, it is possible to use the energy of charged suspended particles.

Proposed explorer of branded materials Maylar (Mylar) is created. This material stores a similar electrical charge if exposed to sunlight. Weak ion beams are used both to charge the vehicle and to increase the natural surface load to withstand gravity.

Paulo Lozano, Aerospace engineer from MIT says:

You no longer have to worry about wheels or moving parts if the suspended probe becomes operational. The surface of asteroids may be quite uneven; But as long as you have a controlled plan to keep your probe suspended, you can cross very rough and unfamiliar terrain without having to tilt.

Ionic propellants are small nozzles that were previously used to move satellites in space. In fact, the fuel for extruders is molten salt, which comes out of the nozzles like a beam when exposed to an electric charge; But in this case, the electric charge is transferred to the lower surface to complete its normal charge. Mathematical models confirm that the idea of ​​MIT researchers can be implemented and provide enough thrust to separate the probe from the surface of the moon and keep it suspended.

MIT research team in laboratory simulation, by creating electrostatic force with the help of ion sources, has been able to fly a small vehicle the size of a palm and a mass of 60 grams to float in space. The numerical amount of force required to separate an object from the planet’s surface depends on the dimensions of that planet. Lozano says:

In this type of ion-based design, with very little power, we can generate a lot of voltage. The force required is so small that we can do it almost for free.

When packing for a trip to the moon or anywhere in space, you need to choose as light as possible; Because a heavier luggage attack requires more fuel and leads to a higher cost to throw. In the case of this proposed probe, a large amount of the required power is naturally supplied. Recent research proves that it is possible for such devices to stay afloat. Researchers say more simulations and experiments will be needed for the UFO to reach significant heights.

Large asteroids like Psyche Can also be read by the proposed MIT probe. This device gives experts a way to explore rock objects at close range.

Oliver Jia-Richards, Says NASA space technology researcher from MIT, says:

We think the UFO will be used in missions like Hayabusa by the Japan Space Agency. We predict that this suspended object will be able to send small probes to study on the surface of the moon or other asteroids.

The findings are published in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets.

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