Ministry of Guidance’s effort to organize mass SMS advertising

The 37th meeting of the working group for organizing value-added SMS services and bulk SMS in communication networks was accompanied by reports of violations by bulk SMS sending companies and criticisms of some of them. Hamed Hajimelamirzaei announced that with the cooperation of the Ministry of Communications, the activities of companies that do not have a license from the Ministry of Guidance will be banned in the field of bulk SMS.

He emphasized that these companies must comply with the advertising laws and organize the advertising in the field of mass SMS.

On October 22 of last year, after a short text message about public protests was sent, the possibility of sending mass text messages was disrupted. Two days after that, the Ministry of Communications announced that the restrictions were imposed by a judicial order and were removed by the Ministry’s follow-up. But the same period of time also caused damage to businesses that after filtering foreign social networks, only SMS was left for their advertisements.

The emphasis of the head of the Culture and Art Development Center on having a license to send mass SMS while “policies for organizing value-added SMS services and mass SMS in communication networks” was approved in 2013 in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and any activity to provide content services SMS is subject to obtaining a license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and within the framework of the laws.

According to this resolution, in the stages of obtaining a license, after submitting the applicant’s application and reviewing and approving it in the working group “Organization of value-added SMS services and bulk SMS in communication networks”, the applicant is also introduced to the Police of the production and information exchange space of Naja, and there after It receives a messaging security certificate from the technical-security evaluation.

After that, he can get the digital cultural unit’s activity license with the topic of “Operation of Online Media” from the Center for the Development of Culture and Art in the Virtual Space. Sending mass SMS is not allowed until these processes are completed.

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