Minister of Communications: The speed of technological changes has complicated regulatory conditions

According to the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Issa Zarepour, in a message on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the establishment of the Radio Communications Regulatory Organization, said that the Radio Communications Regulatory Organization, at the same time as the speed of technological changes and the increasing growth of communication and information technology in The daily life of people and the development of a new form of business and the needs and expectations of users experience different conditions. Conditions that make regulation and management of the ICT field more difficult and at the same time more complicated than ever. He also pointed out the regulatory role in the development of optical fiber-based communication infrastructure and expressed hope that the implementation of this project will be pursued with greater speed and acceleration in the new era of the organization:

In the past year, the development of comprehensive, stable, high-speed and high-quality communication infrastructure based on fiber optics (FTTx) and the improvement of the quality of mobile communication coverage by formulating and approving the required regulations, obtaining government financial support, interacting with stakeholders and also attracting the participation of institutions related to this At the same time, the field has been followed in the regulation of the country.

The Minister of Communications considered that the equitable development of access to appropriate and quality services in the country, the development of digital services on local platforms, and the support of a diverse range of business owners, and the acceleration of technological developments in the country, require a review of the regulatory mechanisms and the creation of a strong and efficient implementation guarantee. He reminded the regulator of the need to cooperate with upstream institutions such as the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space.

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