Minister of Communications: The share of the digital economy in the per capita income of the country should reach 10% by 1404

The meeting to improve the productivity of the communications and information technology sector was held with the presence of the Minister of Communications and the head of the Administrative and Employment Affairs Organization of the country. According to RPublic relations of the Ministry of Communication and Information TechnologyIn this meeting, a report on the actions taken to improve the productivity of the communication and information technology sector was presented.

According to what was discussed in this meeting, the overall growth of the production factors of the communication and information technology sector has now reached 13.3 percent, while the public relations report of the Ministry of Communications states that according to the sixth development plan, the growth of this index should be It reaches 6.5%, but the evaluations show that this growth has reached twice the set amount.

Regarding the increase in the share of the digital economy in the country’s per capita income, which according to him has increased from 6.4% to 7.2%, Isa Zarepour also said: “This amount should reach 10% by 1404, which I think is in the horizon of 10 It can be increased to 30% every year with planning.”

At the same time, the need to increase the share of the digital economy in the per capita income of the country is emphasized, at least in the four months that have passed since the restrictions were imposed on the internet, this part of the country’s economy has been hit hard. Various players who have played important roles in this arena, from startups to small and home businesses, have been weakened or destroyed by the wave of restrictions and blockages created.

The obstacles to the development of the digital economy in Iran were not few before, but now, with the expansion of restrictions and especially the limitation of its boundaries to the interior of the country and the difficulty of accessing global networks, these obstacles have increased; So that it becomes difficult to imagine the increase of the share of the digital economy to 30% in the next 10 years with the continuation of the existing conditions.

This issue has made the experts in the analysis of the current situation come to the conclusion that the digital economy will not flourish in the virtual deserted island, or on the other hand, they should be worried about the country’s digital economy becoming Iran-based; Because, in contrast to the statements of the supporters of filtering, critics consider these conditions to be Iran-style or the Saipaization of the digital economy. A situation where people or businesses are forced to use internal platforms because external examples are out of reach.

The necessity of ICT development in the executive bodies of the country

In this meeting, the Minister of Communications, by enumerating the importance of using new communication and information technologies, such as the Internet of Things in various parts of the country, demanded to consider an index to determine the level of intelligence in various areas such as economy, agriculture and education in the seventh development plan.

Zarepour explained in this context: “These days are the best opportunity to consider an index in the 7th development plan for the development of ICT in the sectors related to executive bodies for intelligentization. Because ICT can be the driver of development and improvement of productivity in various fields, which I think should be assigned to the executive bodies.”

According to him, the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology can play an effective role in this field so that different parts of the country can transform by using new technologies: “New technologies can transform other parts. Therefore, the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology can transform new technologies into topics and courses for managers and employees of different departments and organize its events; So that by next year, at least 10 courses will be held for managers and employees of different departments.”

Meisham Latifi, the head of the administrative and employment affairs organization of the country, also emphasized in this meeting the necessity of reforming some processes that can help the development of the country and said: “There is a need to reform many processes related to granting licenses, contracting and monitoring. accept and in this field, ICT can be used as a driver of the country’s development, and we must go towards intelligentization.”

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