Minister of Communications: The reason for the internet outage two weeks ago was a severe cyber attack

While almost two weeks have passed since the 10-minute internet outage in the country and the infrastructure company of the Ministry of Communications was supposed to investigate and announce the cause, Zarepour told reporters on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of Irancell projects on the occasion of the Fajr decade that the cause of this widespread outage A cyber attack has been very heavy.

The Minister of Communications also said that there was no complete outage and we only saw a sharp drop in traffic in Tehran’s traffic exchange center.

He did not elaborate on whether the attack was internal or external and repeated the sentence “we are investigating”.

In addition, Isa Zarepour gave two other news on the sidelines of this ceremony. He said that the Internet service with better access for programmers will be unveiled next week, and secondly, the removal of the Google Play filter is under consideration by the Criminal Procedure Committee.

He said that by the order of the president and with the cooperation of the filtering committee, examples of sites and platforms that have been filtered in the past years will be reviewed so that those services whose reasons for filtering have been resolved will be available.

Today, Thursday, the 13th of Bahman, the operation ceremony of Irancell projects was held on the occasion of the Fajr decade with the presence of Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Dr. Bijan Abbasi Arend, CEO of Irancell.

According to IRNA, “Bijan Abbasi Arend”, the CEO of Irancell, said in this ceremony: since the establishment of this complex, 10 billion dollars have been invested in the formation of the national information network. The result of this activity was the formation of a network with 62 million active subscribers and 43 million data subscribers.

He added: Today, the 400th 5th generation Internet site was opened in Kermanshah by the order of the Minister of Communications. In Tehran, as the center of the country, 116 fifth generation sites have been activated and this number will be increased in the second phase. Also, a data center with a capacity of 80,000 racks will be opened in Mashhad today. Irancell data centers with a capacity of 3 thousand racks have covered a part of the national information network in the country.

Abbasi stated: We started the development of optical fiber several years ago with the development of 2 thousand kilometers in the cities of the country. The infrastructure created will help the national fiber optic project. Rural development is another sector that we joined for its development. 14 million rural residents are now covered by Irancell Internet. The goal is to fulfill our commitments to provide coverage for villages with more than 20 households by the end of September.

CEO of Irancell stated: 26 thousand billion rials is the investment value of the projects that will be opened today for the first time.

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