Minister of Communications: Instagram and WhatsApp filters are rumors

Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Technology, in response to the news about the restriction of cyberspace applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp, called this issue a rumor and told Khane Mellat News Agency:

Filtering is not available to the Ministry of Communications; But no decision has been made in any part of the country.

He stressed that raising such issues and rumors only worries the people. Zarepour’s reaction to the remarks of Gholamreza Nouri, the head of the Independent parliamentary faction. In an interview with ScanNews yesterday (July 26), Nouri said that the meaning of the parliament’s decision to remove the Supreme Council of Cyberspace from the jurisdiction of the Administrative Court of Justice is that all widely used software in cyberspace are subject to restrictions and no one can object to it. .

In recent weeks, this issue has been met with reactions from experts and cyberspace users; Because with the approval and finalization of this plan by the Guardian Council, other complaints and protests of the people against the approvals of councils such as the High Council of Cyberspace will not be considered in the Court of Administrative Justice.

Legal and communication experts believe that with the approval of this plan, the High Council of Cyberspace will change from a policymaker to a legislator; While this is unconstitutional. Now Nouri was the only representative who reacted to this resolution and stated:

A month ago, during the review of the Transparency Plan, I proposed to make the meetings, opinions and votes of the High Council of Cyberspace transparent, which was not approved, and immediately last week, the decision of the High Council of Cyberspace was protected from any lawsuits and complaints of individuals.

He continued:

Now we can say that the protection plan is in a place whose fate is unclear to us; Because it is no longer safe from transparency and accountability. However, we hope that the authorities will not do this to the people.

According to Nouri, with this decree, it will be able to filter all widely used cyberspace tools such as WhatsApp and Instagram. He added:

If the Guardian Council also approves the parliament’s decision to amend the Code of Judicial Procedure and the organization of the Administrative Court of Justice, no natural or legal person can complain, for example, about your decision on the economy, business, life and free flow of information and this part of the constitution. We are harmful and can not request cancellation.

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