Minister of Communications in response to Zomit: Internet tariffs are gradually increasing

The story of the tariff change is one of those long stories that has been struggling with fixed operators for at least nearly ten years. Since the mid-1990s, many Internet companies, as well as telecommunications companies, have been calling for tariff increases due to inflation in the country; But in the end, neither the Ministry of Communications of the Eleventh Government nor the Ministry of Communications of the Twelfth Government agreed. Even at one point in a television interview, when the presenter asked Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology of the Twelfth Government, what he considered to be his greatest achievement, he said that keeping tariffs fixed for four years in his ministry at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Now, however, it seems that Issa Azarpour, as the seventh Minister of Communications and Information Technology, is going to change this cycle and reform the tariffs of the country’s communication sector.

At first, it seems that changing telecommunication tariffs is a priority because, as Issa Zarepour and telecommunication managers say, the company is in a bad situation and the company should be allowed to breathe again as soon as possible by amending the company’s tariff, which is national capital. .

Zarehpour, in response to Zomit’s question about the fact that it is heard that some operators have increased their tariffs without the permission of the parliament and the regulator, denied this and told Zomit: ‌

No, it is not; No one is allowed to do anything about it. If you have an example in this regard, tell me so that I can answer. No operator has the right to increase any tariff without regulatory approval.

According to him, the government has recently announced that in addition to the specialized authority, which is the commission of the Regulatory Authority, the necessary coordination should be done with the market regulation headquarters regarding the change of tariffs in the field of communication. He also stressed that he did not mean a one-time tariff increase; Rather, they will increase in the form of communication tariff steps.

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